Creating Agile Business Processes

Our research in ethnography, computer vision, natural language, and machine learning aims to automate business processes via flexible platforms that run on robust and scalable infrastructures. By implementing our solutions on state-of-the-art, cloud-based frameworks, we enable scalability and availability, while ensuring security and integrity of vital corporate assets.

Latest Innovations

Xerox Innovation, Simplifying Complex Data With Mark Stefik

We created a digital dashboard, for doctors or nurses, which runs on tablets or PCs on rolling carts. Compiling patient data automatically and in real time, medical staff can get the absolute latest info and make better-informed decisions. 

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Innovation in Action

Xerox Tackles Big Data Challenge: Social Media Analytics is Great, But What Should I Do with the Info?
Xerox researchers are working on an automated data analytics platform that teaches computers to more accurately determine the sentiment of comments (pleased, angry, confused), and quickly route that information to the right person or team. The automation helps organizations respond faster to customer data, and in a much more relevant way.
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Advanced Document Processing Workflows (ConnectKey)
Xerox ConnectKey multifunction printer software enables advanced security, scanning, mobile printing and cloud services across networked devices.
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Information On The Go?

Xerox Innovation, Information On The Go With Peter Paul

A major fast food company came to Xerox looking for a way to process fast food orders more quickly and accurately. Xerox designed software to match vehicles to the orders—driving revenue up and costs down.