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Eine wahre Farbexplosion: Frisco Independent School District auf Wachstumskurs mit Inkjet

Mit 73 Schulen und 66.000 Schülern und Schülerinnen gehört der Frisco Independent School District (ISD) in Texas zu den am schnellsten wachsenden öffentlichen Schulsystemen der USA.

Das Frisco ISD Print Center deckt den vielfältigen Druckbedarf dieser wachsenden Gemeinschaft von Lehr- und Verwaltungspersonal, Schülern und Schülerinnen sowie deren Familien ab. Dieser langjährige Xerox-Betrieb umfasst 13 Xerox Nuvera® 120-Drucksysteme, zwei Xerox® Iridesse®-Produktionsdrucksysteme und einen Xerox® Versant® 3100-Drucker auf engstem Raum und hat Ende 2020 mehr als 2.500 Aufträge pro Tag und 10 Millionen Drucke pro Monat produziert.

Angesichts des ständigen Wachstums des Schulbezirks machte sich das Print Center jedoch Sorgen, ob es in der Lage sein würde, das zusätzliche Auftragsvolumen bewältigen zu können. Platz für weitere größere Geräte und Drucksysteme gab es in der bestehenden Druckerei nicht. Man hatte die Grenzen erreicht, was sich als großes Problem erwies.

Lange Leitung

Laut Sherri Broderick, Manager of Print, Mail and Sign Services bei Frisco, hatte das Team schon lange über eine Umstellung auf Inkjetdruck nachgedacht, um das wachsende Volumen bei niedrigeren Kosten pro Seite zu bewältigen. Aber obwohl jeder wusste, dass dies eine gute Strategie wäre, hatte man nicht gehandelt. „Wir wollen modern sein – und das sind wir in vielen Bereichen, einschließlich Web-to-Print“, sagt sie. „Aber als es darum ging, den Umstieg auf Inkjet zu vollziehen, haben wir uns Zeit gelassen, um die richtige Entscheidung zu treffen.“

Es geschahen zwei Dinge, die das, was bis dahin eine oft diskutierte, aber nie umgesetzte Strategie gewesen war, letztlich konkretisierten.

„Wir wollen modern sein – und das sind wir in vielen Bereichen, einschließlich Web-to-Print“, sagt sie. „Aber als es darum ging, den Umstieg auf Inkjet zu vollziehen, haben wir uns Zeit gelassen, um die richtige Entscheidung zu treffen.“

A Burst of Colour

Suddenly, colour was everywhere. “There was a desire to improve the student experience—increase retention and raise test scores,” Broderick said. “Colour was exploding.”

Research has long shown that the use of colour in educational materials can improve attention span and recall—so naturally teachers and administrators wanted to use colour as much as possible to boost engagement. But the same Xerox® Iridesse® and Versant® Presses that allowed the Frisco ISD Print Center to produce stunning, premium-colour marketing materials, graduation programs, and other high-end applications, were cost-prohibitive for producing everyday colour for curricula-related output. They needed a more cost-effective option.

From Headwinds to Opportunity

Early in 2020, everything changed. With pandemic restrictions keeping students at home, monthly print volume declined drastically. Coupled with looming equipment lease renewals, there was a clear opportunity to re-evaluate equipment mix, footprint, and operational efficiency.

CHALLENGE: Affordable Colour with Room to Grow

“We had to look at something that was going to give us a higher speed, and capability to do the volume that was going to come into play five years from now,” Broderick said, without growing headcount—that meant more automation for fewer touches. Also topping their list of priorities was finding a way to offer lower-cost standard colour to educators and freeing up space in their packed production floor for better access and more finishing devices.

Frisco ISD “Must Have” Objectives

Cost Optimize

Reduce ink and toner costs; make standard color more affordable for instructional materials.

Expand Capabilities

Free up Iridesse to produce more high-value applications and keep admin and marketing business in house.


Trim Nuvera fleet without sacrificing redundancy so they can meet seasonal demand.


Add efficiencies with more workflow automation and more inline finishing. Create a more touch-free process end to end.

The Frisco ISD team identified their must-have objectives, which included reducing the cost of standard color output, ability to handle projected post-pandemic work volumes, and getting work in and out of the shop faster and more efficiently.

SOLUTION: A Better Together Approach

Frisco ISD engaged their trusted Xerox team for assistance—including extensive cost/savings analysis around making the jump to inkjet, as well as discussions around reliability, automation, and increased productivity.

The resulting plan embraced their current needs—and relevant existing equipment—while providing the flexibility to scale up in the future as needs change and the district continues to grow.

By adding two Xerox® Baltoro® Presses, Frisco ISD was able to reduce the cost of providing high-quality, standard color curricula to their student body. And with an attractive per-page price for monochrome, the new Baltoro® Presses could also reliably support ongoing requests for mono/black and white jobs.

Xerox® Baltoro® HF Inkjet Press

They also were able to:

  • Right-size their production footprint for capacity and redundancy, eliminating 10 of their 13 Xerox Nuvera® Presses and upgrading the remaining three.

  • Add new inline finishing devices to speed job completion and reduce the need for hand finishing.

  • Free up their Iridesse® Press for higher-value color jobs—keeping more work in house and adding growth opportunity.

And by using Xerox® FreeFlow® Core workflow automation software to add vital information to job tickets, preflight and route jobs to the appropriate queue for finishing, they have added greater efficiencies and speed to their entire print operation while freeing up staff for other tasks.


13 - Xerox Nuvera® Presses
2 - Xerox® Iridesse® Production Presses
1 - Xerox® Versant ® 3100 Press


3 - Xerox Nuvera® Presses
2 - Xerox® Iridesse® Production Presses
2 - Xerox® Baltoro® HF Inkjet Press
Xerox® FreeFlow® Core workflow automation
Circle checkbox Smaller footprint
Circle checkbox Lower color cost
Circle checkbox Faster mono
Circle checkbox Integrated workflow
Circle checkbox Dedicated high-value color
Circle checkbox Redundancy

RESULTS: Flexible. Affordable. Future-Proof.

The successful transformation was achieved in a matter of months, thanks to careful planning and commitment on both the Frisco ISD and Xerox teams.

“It was really a whirlwind install,” Broderick said. “But Xerox brought its A-team, so everything went smoothly.”


Increase in speed on mono jobs


More jobs through the shop every day by putting color and mono on the same press


Reduction in the Cost per Impression for color


Savings passed along to the district

Along with faster turnaround and more affordable color and mono output, Frisco ISD has set a goal of keeping more jobs in house by utilizing their Iridesse® and Versant® Presses to their fullest potential. “There’s a lot of potential there,” Broderick said. “People are on Zazzle.com or Pinterest, and they see things,” she said. They call and ask, “How can I get that?” She is pleased to let them know their team can help. “We now have the flexibility to give them some really diverse options.”

The increases in speed and volume—although projected and expected—surprised and delighted print shop workers—who initially were unable to keep up with sorting and bundling the faster output. “There was a lot of excitement,” Broderick said, around getting to know the new equipment and capabilities of the Baltoro® Press. “That was huge.”

4 Strategien für einen flexibleren, zukunftssicheren Druckbetrieb

Empfohlene Technologien

Xerox® Baltoro® HF Inkjet Press

Inkonomics amplified.

Xerox® iGen® 5

Arbeiten Sie effizienter.

Xerox® FreeFlow® Core

Automatisierung und Integration für Ihren gesamten Druck-Workflow.

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