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GBC® AdvancedPunch Pro

Automated punch system with 2-up (double punch) capability
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The GBC® AdvancedPunch Pro is a compact hole punching unit which offers multiple hole punch die sets as options. This automatic hole punch unit provides good quality output, saves time and increases productivity by eliminating the labor-intensive steps of manual punching, and is integrated into the Xerox print engines. The AdvancedPunch Pro is a compact device and requires only a small increase in footprint. Productivity is at rated print engine speed for most paper sizes.

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Key Features

  • Trail edge, LEF and SEF punching
  • 2-up punching (double punch) on large sheets enabled by new AdvancedPunch Plus alignment technology on selected print engines
  • Full bleed processing for common sizes including SRA4, SRA5, oversized LTR, and more
  • Die set detection control panel shows die type and cycle count, and can be integrated for display at the print engine User Interface panel and/or user desktop


Introduction to the GBC AdvancedPunch Pro

Your Challenges

Traditional mechanical punching is very labor intensive, costly, and time consuming.

Key Challenges

  • Manually intensive – Traditional mechanical punching is tedious for an operator.
  • Time consuming – Traditional mechanical punching requires a significant amount of time for an operator to punch a limited stack of sheets at a time.
  • Labor cost – There is a high labor cost associated with the traditional process of mechanical punching.
  • Scrap cost – There is high cost due to errors in the traditional mechanical punching process.

How Xerox Can Help

The GBC® AdvancedPunch Pro addresses various sectors which require mechanically bound books and cost-effective solutions to meet their demands, including education, financial services, government, legal, professional services, and healthcare. When coupled with Xerox Nuvera, the AdvancedPunch Plus can easily meet these demands.

Why Choose Xerox?

GBC and Xerox have partnered together for 25 years. Our solutions are synchronized to provide value to the market with advances and efficiencies for inline punching solutions.