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Case Study: Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust Saves Time, Money and Energy with MPS

London-based Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust provides community health, mental health and learning disability services in south London and Kent.

Before engaging us, the trust had a complicated print infrastructure and a complex contract management process. And document security was nonexistent. The trust wanted to simplify processes, as well as reduce paper and energy use.

Our Managed Print Services team came up with a solution to help Oxleas NHS reduce its print devices by 67%. It also significantly reduced carbon emissions and electricity use. Part of the solution—Xerox Secure Print Manager Suite—introduced pull printing to substantially increase document security.

The best part? Now the staff have an easier time doing their work, and the trust saved money, too.

Print Infrastructure Challenge

  • The print infrastructure at this London NHS Trust was complex, featuring multiple different contracts across the 76 sites.

  • Management of the contracts was time-consuming and support processes were fragmented over 8 different suppliers of equipment (around 1,100 devices).

  • The printing experience for staff was inconsistent across the estate.

  • The trust needed to reduce the consumption of paper and energy, and save money.

  • Document security was non-existent, with all devices only configured for push printing.

  • There were also government targets to go “paper-lite” and reduce the number of prints.


  • The RM1599 framework gave Oxleas access to government-approved suppliers.

  • Developed by Crown Commercial Service in partnership with YPO and ESPO, the framework delivers efficiency savings through the aggregation of demand across the whole of the public sector.

  • The new contract consolidated all previous contracts into one supplier.

  • The contract includes the provision of new equipment against an agreed print policy, with improved functionality to enhance working practices.

  • Service management provides detailed information across the entire estate on a regular monthly basis.

  • Document security is assured through estate-wide provision of the Xerox Secure Print Manager Suite for pull printing on all multifunction printers.

  • The flexible contract allows for the movement of devices if requirements change.


  • Reduction of devices from 1,100 to 361.

  • Forecast savings of 47% on previous print spend, equating to a saving of £2m over the 5-year contract.

  • Significantly increased security, with swipe authentication by users before print jobs can be released.

  • Single service desk to call when issues arise.

  • Improved response times to incidents, allowing for greater productivity in all areas.

  • End-user print tracking and monthly reporting.

  • Carbon emissions reduced by 43,000 kg.

  • 100,000 kWh electricity saved.

  • Detailed innovation roadmap from Xerox to help reduce print further.

Read the full Oxleas case study

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Managed Print Services

Im Rahmen von Managed Print Services (MPS) bieten wir eine Reihe von Kernfunktionen, darunter Arbeitsplatzbewertungen und Druckmanagement sowie digitale Transformationsfunktionen.

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