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Intelligent automation with Xerox®

Time is money. Saving both has never been simpler with XMPie® and Xerox® FreeFlow® Core, a simple, set-up-and-go solution that allows you to spend less time preparing and processing jobs and more time printing them. It’s efficiency that puts relevancy into overdrive.

Automation is the key to unlocking new levels of productivity and meaningful savings. Redefine what it means to work smarter with XMPie and FreeFlow Core.

Less is more.

Automating your print processes reduces costs, removes errors and helps you deliver consistently higher-quality output faster than ever. FreeFlow Core allows you to set the job up once and automate the process for future jobs with similar set ups, allowing you to free up your resources and focus them on higher value jobs.

Shift from personalised to personal.

Personalisation goes beyond adding a recipient’s name to a communication — it’s all about relevancy. With automation and integration, XMPie takes the guesswork out of creating personalised campaigns that are synchronised across channels to drive higher response rates and engagement.

Scalability at every stage.

Get ahead of change. Start where you are, add capabilities along the way and invest with confidence. Xerox® technology grows with you, regardless of how big or small your in-plant print room is. It gives you the future-proof flexibility you need to say “yes” to your customers’ current and future demands for hyper-personalisation, smaller run lengths and faster turnarounds.

Find out how you can jump start productivity and increase value with XMPie and automation by Xerox.

Drive growth with the power of personalisation while boosting productivity across your entire production floor.

Major US beer distributor revamps workflow to a web-to-print system powered by XMPie.

What if you could run more jobs every day and ramp up your entire print process from start to finish?

With Xerox® FreeFlow® Core, you can.

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