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C.P. Bourg BM-e Booklet Maker

High-quality on-demand booklet making through an award-winning innovative design.
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Geschäftszeiten: 07:30 bis 17:00 Uhr


You can stitch, fold and trim up to 30 sheets (120 pages) and produce booklets and other finished documents faster, at full press size, and with guaranteed set integrity for zero waste. With the award-winning C.P. Bourg BM-e Booklet Maker on your line, creating anything from CD jackets to oversized stitch-fold-trim booklets and calendars in quantities of one to thousands on demand is achieved automatically.

The ability to work with various Xerox presses and a variety of C.P. Bourg finishing modules for full-bleed and square-edge production makes the Bourg BM-e the ultimate in-line production booklet maker.

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Key Features

  • Accommodates large paper range and sizes up to 370 x 600 mm to produce oversized landscape-format booklets and calendars
  • Combines stitch, fold, trim and on-the-fly fine-tuning via the GUI to produce up to 5,000 booklets per hour
  • Provides automatic top, corner, side or saddle stitching
  • Completely visible and straight paper path reduces errors and allows easy intervention and traceability
  • Automatic ejection of faulted jobs enables continuous production
  • Unique folding belt technology intelligently applies up to 300 kg of pressure to firmly fold from 2 to 30 sheets (80 gsm)
  • Large user-friendly colour touchscreen enables full finishing line control and provides access to 500 stored job settings
  • Optional four regular Hohner or Deluxe stitch heads enable smaller booklets to be printed two-up for increased productivity
  • Optional two to four Hohner loop stitch heads enable brochures to be inserted and used in a ring binder
  • Optional barcode reader (reads 1D or 2D codes) ensures job integrity and saves time configuring/processing variable data jobs
  • Optional JDF automation with the Bourg Box maximizes throughput and time between jobs, minimizes potential for human errors and waste and optimizes turnaround time

Your Challenges

Shorter turnaround times, smaller job runs and tightening budgets are forcing even the best print shops to do more with less equipment, floor space and staff. Meanwhile, there's no shortage of customer demand for quality finished products that can be in quantities as big as thousands or as small as "booklets of one."

Key Challenges

  • Industry trends toward shorter print runs and quicker turnaround times put constant pressure on operating efficiency
  • Shrinking supply of skilled labour makes it harder to find workers capable of operating complex finishing machinery
  • Relentless demand for quality finished products in a wide range of finished styles and sizes strains the capabilities of workflow, equipment and staff
  • Absolute requirement for set integrity in digital, variable data environments requires minimising finishing production errors
  • Wider variety of coated and uncoated stock for colour and monochrome work demands more sophisticated paper handling
  • Tighter budgets, less floor space and smaller staff sizes have become "the new normal" – increasing demands for efficiency and automation at all operational levels

How Xerox Can Help

The C.P. Bourg BM-e Booklet Maker addresses the challenge of doing more with less with a high-quality on-demand booklet making solution for producing finished "documents of one" at unrivaled quality and speed.

  • Superior digital stitch-fold-trim booklet making, whether docked directly or as part of a Bourg production workflow for added functionality
  • Able to process more jobs in less time using less of your shop's floor space
  • Offers the flexibility and precision to provide your customers with the highest quality finished products
  • Designed for continuous production while maintaining set-secure job integrity
  • Compatibile with C.P. Bourg production options for maximum finishing versatility and productivity

Why Choose Xerox?

  • A simpler solution to finishing and booklet making, driven by time savings, simplicity and waste reduction
  • Proven operation with various Xerox monochrome and colour marking engines
  • Chosen multiple times as the Xerox Business Innovation Partner of the year, reflecting C.P. Bourg's enduring and steadfast commitment to Xerox and its customers
  • Designed to deliver the full measure of C.P. Bourg cornerstones of Quality, Innovation and Efficiency