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Remote Work Tools to Work From Home

With the shift to a remote workforce, companies are looking for ways to stay connected with their employees. To help, Xerox offers IT services, laptops, home office printers, 24/7 support, remote learning, and expert advice to help businesses adapt to face new challenges.

Find the Perfect Home Office Printer

Work from home more productively with a Xerox home office printer. Whether you're looking for a printer for home or school use, our printers deliver high-quality results at a low cost.

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Remote Support Options

Customers can text or video chat with a live Digital Support Expert by visiting www.support.xerox.com or downloading Xerox Support Engage, a new mobile app now available in select regions. We also offer many self help articles, videos, and a community forum.

Insights for Remote Teams

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Working remotely?

Here’s how to work smarter, not harder.

A man in a home office working on a computer with a cup of coffee
With working from home becoming the new normal, stay connected and focused.

Finding Professional Alignment in an Upended World

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A digital fingerprint with a lock icon over a lit-up computer chip
Best practices your company can follow to ensure digital security

Seven Ways Businesses Can Strengthen WFH Security

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Maintain team cohesion, productivity and morale while working from home.

Strategies for Managing Your Business in Uncertain Times

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